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Reduce organizational costs now with AI!

High effort with little to non-value adding activities⁉ Energy or personnel costs too high and still employee turnover⁉ Then we recommend our DATANOMIQ AI Assessment!

Germany is in the midst of several economic crises: Companies are facing rising costs, declining purchasing power and a shortage of skilled workers. But is now the time for entrepreneurs and managers to bury their heads in the sand?
In fact, companies are under increasing pressure to use their resources more efficiently, retain knowledge within the company and at the same time find innovative solutions in order to remain competitive.

Almost all challenges can be mitigated and sometimes even completely resolved with the integration of AI-based technologies. With an AI strategy, we show ways for companies to optimize the business organization and exploit the full potential with AI. From rich project experience with many references and proven successes, we rely on established and new AI application potentials, third-party software and also – but not only – DATANOMIQ’s own AI solutions. The problem solution is always in the foreground!

In a DATANOMIQ AI Assessment, we check within a few working days which AI potentials will become tangible in the future (with preparation) and which can be implemented right now, e.g.:

⚙ Fully automated data extraction and data feed from documents and IT systems.

⚙ Operational prediction systems, which at least as an assistance system takes over the planning and control of the supply chain.

⚙ AI-based machine optimization to increase efficiency.

⚙ AI-based knowledge management that mitigates effects of employee turnover.

⚙ ⚙ ⚙ … several application potentials more!

Our offer: The DATANOMIQ AI Assessment

The DATANOMIQ AI Assessment is the check-up for your organization. We examine how your business organization can benefit from AI, with real results and implementation blueprints. Read more about the AI Assessment here!

We support you constructively to get the optimum out of your company or your department regarding the use of AI and data for your AI for business optimization or modeling, by the way also in terms of data quality!

DATANOMIQ is the independent consulting and service partner for business intelligence, process mining and data science. We are opening up the diverse possibilities offered by big data and artificial intelligence in all areas of the value chain. We rely on the best minds and the most comprehensive method and technology portfolio for the use of data for business optimization.