Success Stories

For our customized solutions, our data engineers and data scientists have mastered the world's leading methods and technologies.

If data is the new oil, then knowing how to turn it into actionable intelligence is key to unlocking their potential and making IT leaders rock stars in the eyes of their boards. Accordingly, CIOs are using predictive analytics, developing machine learning algorithms, and testing analytics solutions through their paces to increase business efficiencies and find new ways to serve customers.

DATANOMIQ Success Stories

Evaluation, Documentation and Mapping of a Database for Migration to Cloud

After our investigation and documentation, data got well documented both graphically and with text. More than 60% of tables stored in the databases that were analyzed turned out to be completely out of date and not important. Excluding them substantially reduced the amount of the data and complexity of the model that needed to be migrated. Remaining data was mapped into the goal pre-defined structure of Microsoft Common Data Model.

Database Migration

Bringing Data from different systems together using Fuzzy Logic

Within only a few iterations we could adjust the chosen algorithms and parameters to give the best results for percentage of hits and false positives that was optimal for the client´s needs. The data from the CRM and Accounting systems were brought together and could have been integrated into one valuable data model.

Fuzzy Matching

Process Industry Comapny gains process improvement by machine data analysis

Using machine data acquisition systems, all machine parameters (temperature, pressure, etc.) of the systems were transferred to a central database. With DATANOMIQ’s  methods for machine analytics, which include dimension reduction and predictive analytics (classification, regression), we gained a new level of transparency over mechanical processes.

Machine Data Analysis

Interim BI Management for eCommerce Start-Up (Fashion Industry)

We were able to support the customer with bugfixes and innovative solutions to data-related problems in an efficient and flexible way. Customer could every day refer to us when he had problems. We enabled the company to continue development of BI projects, that were in progress and would have been stopped otherwise once the Data Engineer left.

BI Interim Management

Process Mining for Compliance Analytics (Sale Prices)

The company has been enabled to transparently map sales processes in Europe, Asia and North America. The actual actual processes could be compared with target processes, deviations recorded, and also with specific compliance checks, e.g.  Segregation of Duties Testing (test for separation of duties conflicts).

Process Audit

Process Mining for Process Optimization (Lean Process Management)

The processes of customer order processing were made transparent with Process Mining and analyzed.

The company was enabled to link sales and order processing processes across multiple IT systems and departments and to map them transparently. The actual actual processes could be examined with regard to their performance, throughput times and the occurrence of anomalies such as unnecessary waiting times, process loops and process interruptions.

Process Optimization