Innovative services for business analytics and data science,

making operations simpler and more successful.

Advanced Data Science

Statistics & Optimization

Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning & AI

Artificial Business Intelligence

Machine Learning for Business

AI for Operational Decisions

Prediction of Business Events


Secure Data Management

Effective Use Case Management

Effective Prototype Development

Supply Chain Analytics

Real-time Analysis of Distributed Data

Use of Internet of Things

The road to Industry 4.0

Big Data Engineering

SQL / NoSQL Data Warehousing

Distributed Analysis by Hadoop & Co.

Data Security & Encryption

Intelligence Gathering

Market & Competitive Intelligence

Data Scraping & Open Data Analytics

Darknet / Deep Web Monitoring


Discover hidden potentials and new opportunities in purchasing, sales or other functions. DATANOMIQ shows you the specific fields of application for Big Data & Analytics in your company.

Business Services

We provide our solutions as a business service. Thereby we provide an ideal entry into big data and analytics without the need for investment in software, maintenance and your own Data Science resources.

Software as a Service

We build tailor-made cloud solutions as a permanent self-service platform for you enabling direct interaction with our SaaS platform as a self-service.

DATANOMIQ is the vendor-independent consulting and service partner for business analytics, data science and data labs. We release value contribution in all areas of the value chain. In doing so, we focus on the best resources and the most comprehensive method and technology portfolio from digitization.

Our experience from a variety of big data projects, access to the top of the digital economy and domain knowledge in complementary topics such as data security and data protection provides us a unique market position.

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For Big Data and Data Science we use...

Data strategy – from raw data to ready to implementation data solution

Only few companies have a mature data strategy in order to develop data-driven decision-making models, leaner processes, or simply a new form of data transparency.

DATANOMIQ develops together with you a demand-oriented data strategy as a timetable for your profitable data use. As a specialist in the data science market, we provide the best prerequisites for developing data strategies that create real value. While classical consultations do not usually have the necessary know-how for data science, and IT consultations and software companies lack functional understanding, we are using DATANOMIQ to bridge the gap between business and data processing.


DATANOMIQ does not distribute standard software but delivers tailor-made analyzes and individual software. We master the latest technologies and achieve best results by combining the leading data science methods, such as Realtime Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Process Analytics.

With DATANOMIQ you can achieve up to …


Cost Reduction


shorter Lead Times


improved Working Capital


improved Forecast Accuracy


Process Transparency


Your entry into Big Data Analytics

Improve data consistency, analyze IT-supported processes, verify procurement prices, minimize machine failures, fine-tune sales forecasts, and more. The range of possibilities is as diverse as the multitude of data driven problems along the entire value chain – and beyond.

Capitalizing from the world’s leading methods and technologies and the best Data Scientists, we solve the most challenging problems and achieve unimagined potential.

Tell us your data-driven task and we will show you the tremendous value added by Business Analytics and Data Science. You don´t need own data science capacities and technologies or purchase of software. We will provide you with finished results.

Seminars / Workshops for IT specialists & engineers

Do you want to leave data science not only to service providers, but rather to control it yourself? DATANOMIQ not only offers innovative services in the field of big data analytics and data science, but also enables your IT staff to apply the basics of data science, whether in purchasing, controlling, sales, production, quality or risk management!

Our workshops / seminars provide introductory knowledge in the fields of data science and / or data engineering. The courses bespoke for professionals in computer science / engineering and engineering economics.

Seminars / Workshops for IT specialists & engineers

Do you want to take the scepter as a data leader? DATANOMIQ not only offers innovative services in the area of big data analytics and data science, but also enables executives to understand and apply the basics of big data, analysis and data security themselves. Our workshops / seminars provide practical basic knowledge for managers and enable them to implement the knowledge directly into practice. The courses are compact and time-saving, convey a lot of knowledge in a short time, thanks to the elaborate preparation of the contents of the course.