Discover hidden potentials and new opportunities in purchasing, sales or other functions. DATANOMIQ shows you the specific fields of application for Big Data & Analytics in your company.

Business Services

We provide our solutions as a business service. Thereby we provide an ideal entry into big data and analytics without the need for investment in software, maintenance and your own Data Science resources.

Software as a Service

We build tailor-made cloud solutions as a permanent self-service platform for you enabling direct interaction with our SaaS platform as a self-service.

DATANOMIQ is the vendor-independent consulting and service partner for business analytics, data science and data labs. We release value contribution in all areas of the value chain. In doing so, we focus on the best resources and the most comprehensive method and technology portfolio from digitization.

Our experience from a variety of big data projects, access to the top of the digital economy and domain knowledge in complementary topics such as data security and data protection provides us a unique market position.

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For Big Data and Data Science we use...