Secure your competitive advantage through intelligent data strategies.

Get to know your customers and improve their customer lifecycles.

Improve your product marketing through data-driven measures.

Gain new insights in real time through intelligent data analysis.

Our services

DATANOMIQ is a platform independent consulting and service partner for Business Intelligence, Process Mining and Data Science.


Are you just starting your first data projects and want to take the right path straight away? Or do you already have a large portfolio of projects and want to clean it up? An intelligent data strategy is the right solution for you: a business plan for your data.


We are specialised in Business Intelligence, Process Mining and Data Science. We support you to build or help you to implement an analysis system.





Based on our knowledge with a variety of projects, we can train you how you and your employees are able to use your data in an effective and efficient way.




"Without Big Data analytics, businesses are blind and deaf, wandering the web like deer on the highway."

Geoffrey Moore – author, speaker and advisor to high-tech companies

Our promise

For the first time, we are tapping into the diverse opportunities offered by big data and artificial intelligence in all areas of the value chain.


We are the first provider of advice and services that understands and offers data analytics holistically. From classic business intelligence to process mining to data science and deep learning, we dispute the data (r)evolution together with you and from all perspectives.


We understand data analysis comprehensively and holistically, from the first report to self-learning AI.



We are deliberately not a permanent partner of certain tool providers. Do you want to improve your business intelligence and are you looking for the right reporting tools? Or do you want to introduce process mining and don’t know which provider makes sense? Or do you have to decide which database technology will meet your requirements?


We advise you neutrally! We do not sell licenses and are not interested in providing you with a specific tool.



Our core business is to carry out analyses for our customers to define a data strategy in advance as a roadmap for its implementation and, if necessary, to train your employees.


We master theory and practice. We question our actions by constantly comparing these two perspectives.