We examine how you can use AI to get the optimum efficiency out of your organization and reduce costs!


The DATANOMIQ AI Assessment is the check-up for your organization. We check how your business organization can benefit from AI, with real results and implementation blueprints.


We constructively support you in getting the most out of your company or department in terms of using AI and data for your AI for business optimization or modeling.

The DATANOMIQ AI Assessment integratively assesses within 5 days in your organization which AI applications best and fastest represent real efficiency gains.


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Sample categories for artificial intelligence in the enterprise:

Large Language Models (LLMs)

We advise you on the secure and validated use of LLMs from vendors such as Microsoft, Google or open source alternatives.

Analysis & Forecasting

AI algorithms quickly understand company data and metrics and generate robust predictions from them.

Document Search

AI is becoming pure power in knowledge management and we advise you on the ideal use of this technology.

Best Offer & Dynamic Pricing

AI can retrieve many variables at any second and predict best order times or dynamic selling prices.

Object Detection & Extraction

AI also mimics the human sense of recognizing objects or values in image, text, and PDF documents.

Industry 4.0 Apps

In production & logistics, there are countless possibilities for automating and optimizing processes.

What goals can AI achieve in business organization?

AI applications based on LLMs (such as ChatGPT) and other pre-trained machine learning models can significantly increase business profits.

less organizational costs!
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less fluctuation costs!
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higher process efficiency!
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Corporate AI also significantly reduces employee costs as well as the negative effects of employee turnover. Of particular importance, however, are the efficiency gains that can be very easily realized with AI assistance systems today.

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