Globalization, a highly dynamic market environment and increasing pressure to innovate with increasingly complex corporate structures are the key developments in the industry. In this phase of change, it is important to maintain and expand the industry’s leading position.

Along the value chain, gigantic amounts of data are constantly being generated, from purchasing to the after-sales business. Using machine learning and data mining techniques, complex relationships can now be identified and business-relevant findings derived. This results in a variety of opportunities for the business to lift measurable potential with increasing cost and market pressure.


  • Purchasing: Improved quantity allocation with predictive analytics, generating additional purchasing potential through new data insights
  • Sales: Data-driven optimization of customer contact, calculation of individual purchase probabilities
  • Marketing: Data-driven advertising, real-time advertising
  • Production: anticipatory maintenance, networking of plants
  • Finance: Merging data from multiple sources

Take advantage of the data analysis opportunities to stay one step ahead of your competitors and protect yourself against digital attackers. We support you – from the data strategy to the tailor-made solution.