The energy industry is facing huge challenges: fluctuating energy prices, the energy transition and growing uncertainty about new, alternative energy sources and regulatory intervention. These developments have a firm grip on the industry and are driving forward its transformation.

Due to smart meter rollout and advance of sensor technology, the data volume in the energy industry will increase exponentially in the coming years. Demanding analysis of large volumes of structured and unstructured data is thus more critical to success than ever before. Because this results in numerous valuable big data fields of application, which the energy sector has to deal with.


  • New service and value-added offers
  • Conception of innovative business models
  • Detection of anomalies in power consumption
  • Development of exemplary intelligent tariff systems
  • Energy demand forecasts via Predictive Analytics
  • Improve customer satisfaction, communication and engagement with Big Data

With a sound understanding of the energy industry, DATANOMIQ helps to successfully master the transformation with data-driven solutions and services.