Big data already plays a decisive role in almost all sectors and has become a fundamental factor in the results. However, very few companies have a mature data strategy to exploit data-driven business models and revenue streams, to streamline processes, or simply achieve a new form of data transparency. Many managers fall into uncontrolled actionism.


DATANOMIQ – your contact of choice

DATANOMIQ provides the facts on these issues and, as a specialist in the data science market, has the best prerequisites to develop data strategies that create real value. In addition, as the founder of the German digitization and networking association Connected Industry e.V., we have a unique insight into the data strategies of leading companies and tangible experiences. Classical consultations usually lack the necessary big data know-how, so that it often remains with an unworkable strategy paper. In contrast, IT consultancy and software companies lack the functional understanding. This often implements IT solutions without business benefits.