Process Analytics – process optimization and revision of all processes

Efficient processes, process transparency and risk identification are key for a successful organization. The complete process chain – e.g. from creation of needs to payment – must be regularly questioned at the operational and strategic working level. As a result of increased support of process processing by ERP and other IT systems as well as the increasing dependency of internal and external processes, the effort for monitoring of business processes is increasing rapidly. Our many years of experience in process-oriented data analysis shows that operational processes, for example in purchasing or in warranty processing, are not transparent and even decision-makers know best only about sub-processes in detail. Deviations of the actual processes from the target processes tend to be subject only to a subjective assessment. The result: Concrete weaknesses and bottlenecks cannot be clearly identified, strategic business activities fade into the background, the overall process is disturbed.

Process Analytics – a service in the field of data analytics to reconstruct the actual processes from different sources and thus visualize the actual processes. The solution, which is based on caching methods and powerful evaluation algorithms, makes it possible to record real business processes to an unprecedented level and make them tangible.

  • Visualization & Animation

    Consistent visualization and animation of selected business processes at all levels of work

  • Process-Benchmarking

    Target / actual comparison and benchmarking of processes at employee level – for example, different locations or periods

  • Weakness & Risk Analysis

    Number-based identification of risks and weaknesses in standard and exotic process flows

  • Process Optimization

    Analysis of the process performance as well as detection of unnecessary waiting times, duplication and blindly ending processes

  • Cost Reduction

    Systematic identification and evaluation of cost drivers in process chains