Machine Learning – The artificial intelligence for your business

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence and describes the generation of valuable knowledge from data. Artificial systems independently find patterns in data streams, learn from examples and can be able to reprogram themselves. Examples are not learned by heart, but patterns and complex relationships are recognized in the learning data.
Unsupervised machine learning methods are used to work out patterns of heterogeneous mass data that are unimaginable to humans and are therefore an instrument of data mining.
On the other hand, supervised machine learning methods are used to train algorithms for a particular task, for example, to optimize ordering cycles in purchasing or to detect early signs of machine breakdowns. Such algorithms have been used for many years in the financial industry, such as in stock analysis (e.g. automated detection of buy and sell signals) and constantly evolving.

Deep learning is a deepening of machine learning that solves the most complex tasks through large artificial neural networks. This directed artificial intelligence masters specific tasks faster and safer than any human brain. For example, deep learning is currently gaining importance in autonomous systems (e.g. the autonomous vehicle). Deep Learning can also open up new applications in industrial image processing, robot control or automated control of production lines. The most diverse industrial solutions are already being achieved with machine learning techniques, such as increasing production quality based on the analysis of all machine configurations and sensor data.

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