Customer Analytics – preventively detect and control buying behavior

Customer Analytics by DATANOMIQ enables you to accurately predict the buying behavior of your customers. On this basis, you can make the right decisions to grow your sales, improve customer satisfaction, or retain customers. DATANOMIQ processes mass data from internal and external data sources in-memory and derives relevant behavioral patterns. Based on individual software algorithms, Customer Analytics also simulates future purchasing behavior, quantifies the significance of specific customer segments and generates customer-specific offers. Self-learning systems can, if necessary, automatically adapt the recommendations to the current customer behavior.

  • Understanding the Customer Journey

    Our analysis helps you get to know your customers better and understand what really matters to your customers. Thus, a customer-oriented economy becomes possible for you.

  • Increased Conversion Rate

    Statistical analysis enables you to understand the causal relationships between your product and offering portfolio and the buying behavior of your clientele.

  • Reduction of Customer Losses

    How do potential customers react to your marketing campaigns and which marketing measures really lead to success? We find it out with methods of web tracking and log data analysis for you.

  • Analysis of Customer Reviews

    What do your customers think about your products? In addition to the classic questionnaire evaluation, we can also evaluate opinions from social media and specialist portals for you automatically. The analysis results benefit your marketing and product management directly.

  • Cross-Selling

    The buying behavior of your customers gives you an insight into other customer needs that can be automatically transformed into customized product recommendations.