Warranty Analytics – reduce warranty costs

The objective of efficient warranty cost management is to minimize the incidents that occur and to eliminate them at optimized costs. Customer satisfaction comes first. Different warranty periods or missing spare parts are just a few of the many challenges in day-to-day business. DATANOMIQ’s dedicated data analytics technology and expertise enables you to reduce costs by reducing warranty cases in number and impact, as well as improving customer satisfaction.

Warranty services represent a high cost block, which is often not the focus. Experience has shown that the following costs can be reduced by up to 50% thanks to Warranty Analytics:

  • Warranty cases for legal or material defects in the sense of the Civil Code
  • Warranty services beyond statutory warranty
  • Returns of products via distance selling (in particular online trading)
  • Further goodwill beyond statutory and contractual obligations
  • Companies that use Warranty Analytics specifically to monitor, analyze and even predict warranty cases gain a significant edge.
  • Quality Assurance

    By merging data on warranty cases with data about product data from PLM systems (CAx, bills of materials, routings, etc.) and analyzing that linked data, vulnerabilities of parts and assemblies in products are identified that would otherwise not be apparent from a single view.

    With Data Analytics, found defects can be analyzed in context. Causal and consequential errors are identified faster and more effectively and can be used as a knowledge advantage of product development and the purchasing department. The constant improvement of the product and individual components is driven even more effective.

  • Disclosure of Warranty

    If the fault detection is outsourced to workshops or other contractors, there is a risk of incorrect identification of errors. Also, the targeted manipulation of fault diagnoses is a common problem, whereby defects that are not actually to be counted warranty cases, yet be declared as such in the claim. Warranty Analytics has already uncovered numerous cases of warranty fraud and relieved the manufacturer of warranty costs.

  • Early Detection

    Through the analysis of customer and product behavior, a prediction and early detection of warranty cases is possible.
    For example, predictive analytics predictive models enable the analysis of sensor data for timely detection of wear and tear and technical defects, thereby avoiding warranty costs and product failure.
    Furthermore, the use of public sources and customer opinions enables the early detection of large-volume warranty cases, which avoid later recalls and harmful social media campaigns.

  • Reduction of Returns

    Returns are becoming an increasing cost and logistics problem. Our solution enables for the first time a forecast and reduction of returns. Certain products are particularly frequently affected by returns in certain customer segments, so that logistics costs make the payee uneconomical. A data-driven reorganization of the product range can reduce returns to a minimum. With real-time data analytics, it is even possible to automatically control that customers are more likely to find products with the lowest possible return probability in the product range.

  • Acceleration of Development

    Time-consuming troubleshooting or warranty claims are not only annoying for the customer, but also tie up considerable capacity in your company. By using Process Mining, a data mining application, you can keep track of your warranty processes graphically and in terms of key figures. We make your business processes visible and help you to reduce throughput times and logistics costs.