Supply Chain Analytics

The rapidly increasing globalization of purchasing activities brings with it opportunities, but also numerous risks from new markets, non-transparent suppliers and complex supply chains. Today, with volatile markets and rapid changes, it is no longer enough to do a one-time inventory – risk screening and transport route optimization are permanent tasks in professional supply chain management.

With Supply Chain Analytics, we enable comprehensive identification and monitoring of a wide variety of KPIs and risks throughout the supply chain. Our early-warning system and supply chain analysis, based on data from a wide range of in-house and external data sources, enables risk prevention, optimal transport routes and prevents serious consequences and production downtime. All sources of information about procurement markets, route networks and suppliers are linked to a comprehensive set of indicators and the probability of occurrence of risks is continuously calculated.

  • Supply Chain Visualization

    Process-oriented visualization of supply chains.

  • Increase in Delivery Accuracy

    Minimize and avoid delivery delays and production downtime.

  • Comprehensive Risk Screening

    Not only quantitative criteria but also qualitative factors are part of the comprehensive set of indicators.

  • Alertings

    If acute delivery risks arise, you will be notified automatically via e-mail or SMS.

  • Supervision of Supplier Stability

    By connecting to specific data sources, the financial creditworthiness of suppliers can be tracked continuously.

  • Activities

    Risk management through proven packages of measures.