Procurement Analytics – reduction of purchasing costs

Digitization is changing the rules of the economy and is arguably the greatest opportunity for the procurement organization – regardless of its size or industry. The transformation of procurement into the digital world must therefore be the strategic priority so as not to lose touch with the competition. Successful procurement organizations are taking advantage of the enormous potential of digitization to improve costs, liquidity and risks.

  • Analysis of Procurment Performance

    Thanks to statistical and process-oriented analyzes, the performance of one’s own purchasing as well as the interaction between the purchasing department and other departments as well as with the suppliers can be evaluated in detail, with the aim of achieving lean purchasing processes with short lead times.

  • Supplier Performance Analysis

    In particular, prior to negotiation with suppliers, the performance of suppliers should be assessed through statistical analyzes of delivery reliability and quality as well as the regularity of the settlements. But also external data, e.g. creditworthiness of suppliers, these analyzes can enrich important information.

  • Parts List Analysis

    In the purchasing of complex products or assemblies, the digitization of supplier BOMs enables a profound value analysis of the products / assemblies at the component level – so BOMs can be accurately assessed in terms of their costs within seconds.