Predictive Order Analytics – automated scheduling with ideal order parameters

In the course of strong fluctuations in the sales markets, procurement planning is required more than ever. Fixed scheduling parameters and inventory concepts must be continuously evaluated and adjusted. Manual forecasts, ERP solutions and classic scheduling models are no longer enough. The consequence: Inventory overruns or shortfalls, special transports, delays in delivery and downtimes.

DATANOMIQ develops precise analysis and forecasting solutions for optimum coverage. With predictive order analytics, materials management can significantly improve its requirements planning and, based on exact forecasts, better align with the needs of the end customer. In addition, relevant events can be defined at subcontractors and implemented in procurement planning, for example, supplier capacities or business interruptions. The solution can integrate relevant reference data such as weather and historical information to provide more reliable forecasts for disposition-relevant operations.

  • Increase in Sales

    Increased sales by improving their own delivery reliability and fewer out-of-stock situations.

  • Increased Liquity

    Resolution of unnecessary inventory positions and permanently optimal stock level.

  • Disassembly Malfunctions

    Less misconduct-related waiting times and improved throughput times.

  • Optimal Lot Sizes

    Optimum batch sizes in the field of supply security, stocks and discount prices.

  • Storage Reduction

    Reduction of stock by more precise quantity planning and reduction of redundant safety stocks.

  • Prognosis in Real-Time

    Automated, dynamic adaptation of scheduling parameters.