Financial Risk Analytics

Digitization and big data are opening up entirely new possibilities in terms of customer-specific approach, advice and commitment. It is already evident that some banks and insurance companies are gaining considerable competitive advantages and others are falling behind with new methods and technologies. Risk Analytics is a key factor in meeting the disruptive challenges and new competitors. With Risk Analytics, companies in the financial and insurance industries, for example, can assess default risks more comprehensively, detect fraud intentions more quickly, or better assess the eligibility of claims. In addition, personalized offers can be used to expand existing business as well as attract new customers.

  • Fraud Detection

    Reliable detection of behavior patterns that indicate fraud.

  • Reduction of Failure Rates

    Data fusion and statistical analysis enable better predictions of credit losses.

  • Accelerated Machining

    We implement automated evaluation processes that deliver reliable results in seconds. Waiting times are a thing of the past.

  • Lower Tracking Costs

    Through our data-driven process analysis, we track down unnecessary process loops, delays and duplications, for example in lending or claim settlement processes.