Dynamic Cost Analytics

Fluctuations in commodity markets have a strong impact on component prices. Adjustments to raw material-dependent purchased parts are made either via a MTZ (= material surcharge), slip clauses or ongoing renegotiations. As our operational experience shows, the pricing of this cost component is often incorrect – price adjustments sometimes differ significantly from real market developments. The consequence of this, according to our experience, are negative price deviations – often in the double-digit percentage range. The large number of raw material indices, MTZ calculation formulas and part numbers result in complexity and processing costs that are hardly manageable.
Due to a new combination of MTZ and other additional factors with the relevant market indices, changes in raw material prices can now be exactly evaluated and stored – for all part numbers, automated and up-to-date. With Dynamic Cost Analytics, you receive the first solution available on the market for an index or market-compliant adjustment of the price situation.

  • Use of international Market Data

    Linkage of relevant commodity indices / markets with your MTZ / EZ or other sliding clauses – down to the part number level.

  • Automated Tests of Price Adjustments

    Data-driven, continuous reporting of correct billing or raw material-related price adjustments.

  • Reporting

    Ongoing analysis and plausibility of raw material data for (post) negotiations.

  • Revision

    Retrospective review of overpayments

  • Forecasting

    Determination of forecast numbers and simulations for different commodity scenarios

  • Sales Support in Pricing

    Sales support in the quotation process and in the calculation of material surcharges on finished product level.