Compliance Analytics

Compliance describes adherence to and compliance with laws and regulations, contractual obligations and self-commitments by a company and its employees. Executives are also subject to additional monitoring obligations designed to reduce the risk of infringement. Conventional process analyzes and system checks reach their limits in order to be able to handle them adequately, since only a subset of the critical process landscape is included and cannot be measured. Compliance Analytics from DATANOMIQ covers all core and ancillary processes in the corporate sector and effectively identifies pain points, unknown risks and violations.

  • Comprehensive Examination of Business Processes

    Compliance Analytics integrates all major, minor and shadow processes

  • Compliance Prevention

    Vulnerabilities are fully exposed to prevent compliance violations

  • Quantification

    The nature, extent and intensity of compliance violations are made measurable

  • Risk Reduction

    Reduce the risk of reputational and liability damages for the company

  • Compliance Management-System (CMS) according to Examination Standard 980

    Better fulfillment of the increasing requirements and derivation of recommendations for action as a basis for the improvement of the existing CMS