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Digitization, Industry 4.0 and big data are the key topics of your clients. The operative realization of pioneering, data-driven concepts requires a data lab. If this is missing, the white label offer of DATANOMIQ comes into play. We use our data lab for the ideas of our partners and support them with state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive data science expertise along the entire value chain. In the end, we deliver customized, digital value-added service and groundbreaking data products in the background.

As a certified public accountant or business consultant, you can expand your range of services with solutions that give you a decisive lead on the market. You get a unique solution suite for novel applications and possibilities. In addition, we develop individual solutions that are tailored exactly to the requirements of the customer.

Your advantages

  • New sources of revenue
  • Attractive participation models
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Better project / exam results

Find out more about the requirements for membership in the affiliate program in a personal conversation.

Partner for Economic Audit

New opportunities with DATANOMIQ Data Analytics

The requirements for accounting, transparency and risk management are constantly increasing. To counteract this development, we have developed a new portfolio of solutions for the audit of financial statements and audit-related services, with which u.a. Data quality can be improved, weaknesses in the process landscape can be revealed, or fraud risks can be identified among your clients. We work with a team of world-class data scientists and the world’s most innovative technologies, such as Process Analytics, Data Extraction, Data Integration and Preparation, and Machine Learning. Your Benefits: Unparalleled audit quality and efficiency, and additional business opportunities. Below we present selected solutions from our managed service portfolio. In addition, we are your partner when it comes to quickly implementing your own ideas for analytical procedures with our data scientists and software developers.

Partner for Business Consulting

Identify additional potentials, ensure sustainability of results

As part of a partnership, you complete your projects with the high-growth areas of Big Data, Process Analytics, Real-time Analytics and much more. The focus is on our unparalleled services that dramatically improve business processes and deliver unprecedented benefits. We also develop tailor-made software solutions based on the best technologies to

» ensure the sustainability of your results,

» monitor selected processes in the organization or

» automate processes

It provides your customers with the tools and tools to effectively anchor recommended solutions and project outcomes in the organization.