Process Mining 2018 – Interview with DATANOMIQ

Berlin, 11.01.2018 – Process Mining will remain a key topic in data analytics in 2018 as well. Six experts share their views on the further development of 2018 and show why the topic is of such high relevance. Chief Data Scientist Benjamin Aunkofer is one of those experts. You will find his opinion in the following article (in German language, you will find the translation in English below):

Process Mining 2018
If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it
10.01.18 | Redakteur: Jakob Schreiner

Translation in English:

Benjamin Aunkofer, data scientist at DATANOMIQ and founder of the Data Science Blog – one of the best known process mining experts – explains what process mining is in its original sense and what it promises companies: „Process Mining is a new enabler for process management, audit and forensics and an analytical method that runs very close to the business. Often misunderstood as a tool, Process Mining is a tool-independent methodology to reconstruct actual processes from data and analyze them for specific event patterns or general vulnerabilities. This results in a high result orientation of this type of data analysis. In addition to the process transparency, the companies – from my experience – also experience increased data transparency, as a positive side effect.“


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